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Autor Wątek: Stock Market "How To" Guide  (Przeczytany 7523 razy)


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Stock Market "How To" Guide
« dnia: Czerwiec 01, 2018, 03:53:19 pm »


Lately we have all heard about the coming addition of a stock market in Simunomics. How this will be structured is merely speculation, only the moderators and game admin know the real secrets. However, if modeled after a real life stock market (which I truly hope it is), this guide will prove to be useful resource to anyone seeking additional information. As a certified financial advisor and accountant with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), I know that I can help transfer my knowledge to anyone willing to learn. This is right about the time infomercials start their sales pitch, but I assure you this will be free to everyone. To understand the essential basics of a stock market, we need to first understand the essential basics of stocks. A stock represents ownership in a business, much like a deed represents the ownership of a property or a title represents the ownership of a vehicle. The difference between all of these of course is simple, a company is usually represented by hundreds of thousands of shares of stock.
In real life stockholders are granted specific rights delegated by a corporation’s charter, however the Simunomics version may not have corporation charters. But no matter, stockholders are also granted general rights when the stock is purchased that do not change from company to company.

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