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Lately we have all heard about the coming addition of a stock market in Simunomics. How this will be structured is merely speculation, only the moderators and game admin know the real secrets. However, if modeled after a real life stock market (...]]>
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It looks like the plan for the Fed is to raise rates approx. 3 times per year at about 1/4 point each time with a target of hitting a Fed Fund Rate of 3% by the end of 2019 ,......over another 3 years! This will prolong the agony by avoiding a m...]]>
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These people are an agency. They don't employ ANYONE, they just shuffle CVs about, provide an administrative service and skim a percentage.The advert appears to be written by someone who doesn't speak English, or at least British or American Eng...]]>
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We installed a new SCVMM server last weekend in our enveiromont replacing the old one.So a VM is linked to a job with the reference to the old SCVMM server.I added the New SCVMM server to the backup & replication console and tried removing the o...]]>
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The Kent State University School of Communication Studies will hosts Hyde Park Forum Qualifying Tournament on Friday, April 20, in Taylor Hall. The qualifying competition pits Introduction to Human Communication students against one another using p...]]>
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