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There's been a lot of controversy in the form of criticism from The Verge team and also comments around the site regarding pricing and shipping of new products. John Gruber in his latest podcast really nailed it though. It's absolute hubris for com...]]>
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I went to most of the live recordings of On The Verge when it was monthly. Now that it's weekly, I can't find any information on how to watch the recordings live. Is that not a thing anymore? Are the audience members just the rest of The Verge staf...]]>
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I'm going to be in Munich through Oktoberfest and then I'm staying around for insideAR. Is anyone else going to be attending or exhibiting?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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So I was just browsing through the interwebs as usual, when I stumbled on this post about an event being held in Jakarta, it's called Startup Asia and it seems pretty cool. I was just wondering if anyone here has heard about it? It seems like a gre...]]>
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In order to comply with a EU directive that stipulates that every driver should be issued with a new photo driving licence every 10 years the DVLA are looking at ways to pay for the scheme.
As a result the DVLA is holding a consultation (see thi...]]>
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